Who Are Dramaforum?

PetraDramaforum Oy Ltd is an independent Finnish transmedia company specializing in children’s products. Established in 2003, Dramaforum has offices in Finland, UK and Canada, employing a team of experienced learning and digital media experts. Our common goal is to inspire children to stay curious and discover the wonders of the world safely. Through fun Petra’s Planet play experiences, kids learn about the richness and diversity of our planet and are empowered to become better global citizens.

Children have the right to be children, safely.

PetraHatOur business is based on a set of core values built on the foundation of a secure childhood. Children have the right to stay children and to live in a world that is age-appropriate for as long as possible. We offer a portfolio of products and services created to encourage curiosity and discovery within the framework of safe experiences.

Stay curious!

Children learn by asking questions and experimenting. We cherish this natural curiosity, and it’s the driving force behind our products. Learning should be fun, based on personal experience, and highly communal. We offer children the opportunity to develop a variety of abilities that they will need in the future, including media literacy, an understanding of different global cultures and a healthy respect for the natural world.