Petra’s Planet Virtual World


Petra’s Planet is a virtual world where children can discover useful knowledge and skills in a fun and safe way. Petra’s Planet appeals to children’s curiosity and the desire to experiment and investigate, and supports the child’s natural enthusiasm for learning in a social way. You can trust the safety of Petra’s Planet, as the utmost care is taken to create an environment that is age-appropriate, and fosters the values of security, child-empowerment and positive community interaction.  When spending time in Petra’s Planet, children will not come across anything frightening or dangerous, or things that are childhood-questioning.

In Petra’s Planet, children feed their curiosity in a multitude of environments as they discover amazing people, places and animals from around the world. Players create and fully customize their game characters (avatars), decorate and personalize their rooms, and choose a pet to care for and nurture.  Kids play mini-games solo or together, and participate in monitored and moderated safe chat with friends, and keep track of their incredible achievements in a personal Travel Journal.

Petra’s Planet currently has four different countries in which to experience adventures: Sami land, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Senegal. Petra’s Planet is a live world, and fresh content is constantly being added to ensure the continual enjoyment of kids everywhere.

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