Petra’s Planet Books


The Petra books tell about a curious 7-year-old girl and her exciting adventures in fascinating places around the world. Through the magical costume warehouse at her mother’s workplace Petra travels to Sami land, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Senegal getting to know interesting people, as well as their cultures and ways of living.

The Petra book series consists of four books:

  • Petra and the Northern Lights
  • Petra on the Paths of Buddha’s
  • Petra Discovers Petra
  • Petra Dances

Eevamaria Halttunen, the author of the Petra books, is the founder of Dramaforum Oy Ltd. Eevamaria has a Master of Arts from University of Leeds and is a mother of two children.

The book series is illustrated by Anna Härmälä. She is a graduate of the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts.