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Is there anything more pleasurable than sinking into a comfortable chair and picking up that book you’ve been thinking of? Many of us rate reading as a favorite pastime; and a love of books is something that the majority of parents want to encourage in their children. Research reveals, time and again, that kids who love to read have larger vocabularies and enhanced problem solving skills. While those are great advantages, it’s important not to get hooked on the educational aspects alone. It’s simple: if kids have positive, exciting reading experiences, they are far more likely to read again. And that’s why inspiring kids to Stay Curious is at the heart of everything we do at Dramaforum.  We want children to gather knowledge and enhance their reading while having fun! Below are four of my tips to encourage reading – and they apply to all of the potential sources of information, from books to magazine, online to newspapers. I hope they come in handy during these long summer holidays and as you and your family prepare for the return to school!

Tip 1: Fact or Fiction Do your kids watch videos on YouTube? Whether it’s rock climbing, digging for fossils, or baking, watch a video with them and then suggest a trip to the book store! While many kids love fiction, others thrive with non-fiction books on topics they already love.

Tip 2: What are you reading? You are the ultimate role model to your kids, so talk about what you’re reading and read together snuggled up on the sofa. If they see that you love reading, they will be far more likely to follow in your footsteps.

Tip 3: Latest Obsession Are your kids glued to a movie? Is the soundtrack on mind-numbing repeat in the car? If there’s a movie that your child already loves, is there a book of the movie? Tapping in to their current obsession could be a step to expanding their interests.

Tip 4: Beyond Books Invest in subscriptions to print or e-magazines with kid-suitable content, like Petra’s Planet Magazine! Surveys suggest that digital reading requires some practice for children, so you may need to help them at first. Supervised newspaper reading is another great way to learn about the world and is a positive example that people can learn and relax at the same time! Help them to find information in different sections, such as world news and public notices, and find the cartoon page together.

Tip 5: Taking Pride in Reading Older children can be encouraged to read out loud to younger siblings and other family members. Many children are only too happy to show family members how well they can read – so tap into that pride and encourage your children to read together.

For the educational benefits and the pure enjoyment, we all want our children to love reading. This summer could be an opportunity to expose your kids to reading that is fun and you may just set them on the path to a lifelong love! My next blog will be all about writing – which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with reading – and how to encourage children to write a journal, write letters to friends and relatives, and compose short stories.

About Petra’s Planet e-Magazine
Children learn while playing – and that possibility also exists during screen time. With Petra’s Planet, children engage online in a way that is fun and helps them to learn about the world around them.

The digital magazine, designed for children aged between 7 and 11, is published monthly and comes with downloadable activities, including a printable passport for children to update.  Subscribers can complete creative projects, solve interactive puzzles, read news and reviews, and complete quizzes.

Each issue takes children on a journey to a new country. Petra’s Planet Magazine is in the Apple and Android app stores, and available via Amazon, Windows 8, and Sainburys Entertainment, on the Pocketmags digital news stand, and direct from

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