Empowering children to be active global citizens.


Our Products


Petras Planet

Petra’s Planet is a virtual world where children can discover useful knowledge and skills in a fun and safe way. Petra’s Planet appeals to children’s curiosity and the desire to experiment and investigate, and supports the child’s natural enthusiasm for learning.


Petras Planet EDU

Petras Planet EDU is our educational arm. Featuring two school products called Share and Explore, we provide children with a social platform from which they can blog, chat, customise an avatar, and communicate and collaborate on a whole range of educational projects.


Petras Planet Apps

New to 2015 are the Petra’s Planet Apps. We are soon to launch Bella’s Baking Blast, a fun baking game that will appear on 400,000 Kurio tablets. We also have IncrediPets, helping children to look after and nurture digital pets into happy healthy creatures!


Petras Books

Our very first product, the Petra books tell about a curious 7-year-old girl and her exciting adventures in fascinating places around the world. Through the magical costume warehouse at her mother’s workplace Petra travels across the globe to learn about people and other cultures.